Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thirteen Thursday: Thirteen Spring Break Essentials

Hi everyone! This blog post is going to be about spring break essentials. I know some people have already had theirs, but mine is this week and some people have their's later. If yours hasn't passed already, then keep reading for 13 essentials for spring break!

If you're going somewhere hot:
1. Beachwear. This includes swimsuits, sunglasses, sunscreen, towels, and flip flops!
2. A book for reading while you tan
3. Fun perfume. Buy a travel size perfume, rollerball, or something that is meant to hold perfume during travel.
4. Waterproof mascara
5. Tinted moisturizer instead of foundation

If you're going somewhere cold:
6. Cute boots (Uggs, combat boots, riding boots, snow boots, or rain boots!)
7. A fashionable and warm scarf
8. A bag to put wet clothes in
9. An electric blanket (I really recommend getting one of these<3)
10. Lotion for the cold weather!

For anywhere, even home:
11. Camera
12. Tote bag, to go to  the beach, to carry purchases, or anything else!
13. A manicure!

What's your spring break must have?

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