Thursday, March 15, 2012

Thirteen Thursday: 13 Spring Trends

Hi everyone! This is a new weekly segment I'm calling 'Thirteen Thursday'. Every Thursday, I'll have a topic and I'll tell you 13 things about it! To start off, this week I'm doing 13 spring trends. Let me know what you think!

1. Pleats! Pleats in every form, especially accordion style.
2. Black & White used together. This was seen plenty on the runway, using white with bold black lines and shapes.
3. Bra tops. These are basically corset crop tops, they are like bras that are styled! Check the link at the end of this post to the website I saw this on.
4. Zigzags & Chevrons. Bold, hidden, large, or small, this is the pattern of the season.
5. One shoulder. This was also seen a lot on the runway and you could wear this casually, or dressy! A simple one shoulder shirt or a frilly one shoulder dress, either will get the job done.
6. Blue. Blue is a color that can add mood to any outfit, an edgy mood at that.
7. Exposed shoulders. We saw this trend a lot during 2011 and it's staying strong for spring 2012.
8. Draped pencil skirts. We've gone through the pencil skirt phase- now we're adding a twist. There are pencil skirts now with draped fabric detailing.
9. Crop tops. I love crop tops, although I prefer these for summer, you could totally pull them off for spring this year.
10. Pastels. It's what's expected, every spring.
11. Orange. Bright orange. Tangerine. Orange is the pop of color for spring, you could do this subtly, by painting your nails orange, or adding an orange accessory.
12. Metallic & glossy material. This may seem crazy, but make your fabric glossy, shimmery, and metallic!
13. White heels. These are a great staple wardrobe item to have, they'll match everything!

Source: Click here for 'fashionologie'

What do you think of Thirteen Thursday? What do you think of the spring trends?

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