Friday, March 9, 2012

There's More to Life Than Beauty

Hi everyone! Today some friends and I had a hard core workout of jogging around the neighborhood then heading to the park to play lacrosse. Beauty is nothing unless your body feels good. You can cake on your makeup, but nothing feels better than getting a workout (to me at least). I realize some people aren't going to agree with this blog post, but I wanted to share.

You should find some sort of sport you're interested in. I'm a cheerleader. My season's over now and I need something else to do, so my cheer friends got interested in lacrosse. We're not on a team, we just play with each other. It's great to walk to the park and throw te ball to each other while taking pictures, getting a workout, and gossiping. Oh, and don't forget tanning! After getting exercise, you will feel on top of the world. To add a little beauty to this post, here's what I recommend wearing for sporting activities of some sort:

Tinted moisturizer instead of foundation. You don't want foundation sweating off!
Concealer, for coverage.
Powder, so you don't look as sweaty.
Waterproof mascara
Waterproof eyeliner
You won't need any blush because your cheeks should be flushed from exercising!

Any form of updo would work! Braids, fishtail braids, top knots, messy buns, ponytails, or anything really! Stretchy headbands are also great for keeping hair out of your face.

T shirt, you can really just wear any random one you have, I wore one from a cheer competition
Sweatshirt, again, I just used one from a cheer comp.
Athletic shorts. You can go cheap here, or use higher quality ones. I would've wore my Nike's, but they live at school for PE, so I just used some white Soffe's with spandex shorts underneath.
Shoes, you can just wear any tennis shoes from Converse, to Vans, to Nikes, or Cheer shoes (like me :)

What's your sport?

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