Friday, March 16, 2012

Swatch & Review: Revlon Lip Butters

Hi everyone! Everyone knows the Revlon Lip Butters, so I decided to review some of them!

From left to right in the pictures, I have 045 Cotton Candy, 010 Raspberry Pie, and 005 Sugar Frosting. I'll just start right now and say I recommend the dark colors but not the light ones. I bought Cotton Candy & Sugar Frosting at one time, and tried them for about 2 months. I stopped using them after a while because they really didn't do anything for my lips. You can see in my swatches how sheer they are! They really only gave my lips shimmer, no color whatsoever, and were not worth the price. ($7.49 at most stores). I bought Raspberry Pie recently and was shocked at how different it was from the others! It was so pigmented that I had TOO much. It gave me more color than most lipsticks! So if you buy the dark colors, they will really work well, don't buy light ones unless you're going for more of a shimmer.

These are going to be great for adding a pop of color to a neutral school/work appropriate look. It's out there, but not bad like an intense smokey eye.
What's your favorite lip butter color?
Left to Right: Cotton Candy, Raspberry Pie, Sugar Frosting

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  1. I have Strawberry shortcake, Sweet Tart, and Gumdrop. :)I agree, the lighter ones are more sheer but they really aren't that bad! Gumdrop has some nice purple undertones but isn't crazy. Strawberry shortcake is a very light pink. It reminds me of my Rimmel London Lipstick in "Pink Blush." The most pigmented out of my three is Sweet tart. It is a nice hot pink that is surprisingly wearable. :)