Saturday, March 17, 2012

Ombre Lip Tutorial (feat. Revlon Lip Butters)

Hi everyone! I hope you saw my Revlon Lip Butter review yesterday! If not, check it out before you log off! I decided to do an ombre lip tutorial using them to help you get an idea of what they look like on lips. Enjoy!
1) Apply lip balm
2) Apply darkest color to the outer 2/3 of your lip leaving the center empty.
3) Apply medium color to the center and overlap a little to the dark color.
4) You have three options here
4.3) Be done
4.6) Apply the lightest color to the very very center (that's what I showed in the video)
4.9) Apply white eyeshadow to the center lightly and on the cupids bow to highlight
5) Mistakes? Go back around the edges with concealer

The colors I used for this tutorial:
010 - Raspberry Pie
045 - Cotton Candy
005 - Sugar Frosting

What do you think of the ombre lip trend?

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