Saturday, March 10, 2012

Spring Nail Polish Favorites

Spring has officially sprung where I live, and here are my nail polish favorites for the season. I don't follow trends, but some of the ones I picked actually do follow trends! I'll list the polishes in the picture from left to right

1. Wet N Wild - Sparked
This color is a glitter polish, with pink and silver glitters. Wet N Wild is sold at drugstores, and I found mine for 99 cents!

2. OPI - Pompei Purple
This color isn't actually purple, it's a hot hot pink with more of a blue-y undertone. It's more of a cool pink rather than a warm pink. Pink is always great for any skin tone and OPI is a great brand!

3. Wet N Wild - Tickled Pink
This one is a pale pink and light pastel colors are in for EVERY spring! Again, pink is something that anyone can wear and Wet N Wild is a very inexpensive brand.

4. Sally Hansen - Coral Reef
One of my recent posts was a Nails of the Day, and this is what I was wearing. The color is just as the name suggests, it's coral! Most Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear polishes are opaque enough usually for 1-2 coats. Mine have been on for 4 days so far with zero chipping! If you don't know what coral is, it's a pinky orangey color!

5. Essence - Wake Up!
This is one of the few polishes I picked that follow trends for this season. It's a bright orange, the only problem with this one is that it's very sheer. You can still use this one well though if you use a white polish underneath to help it stand out. Orange is a trend this season! :)

6. Sally Hansen - Mellow Yellow
Yellow is a color I really like for warm days because it reminds me of the sun. For spring, I like this particular yellow because it's not too bright, it's a medium to pale yellow. It's a really sunny color and great for the weather getting warmer!

7. Ulta - High Roller
I like this color it's very shimmery and gold. This color could really work for any season, but again, it's a 'sunny' color you can use for those warm days.

8. Sally Hansen - Mint Sorbet
This is another pale color, good for every spring, but mint green is a color I became obsessed with recently. Again, Sally Hansen colors are really opaque and just all around great

9. Sally Hansen - Pacific Blue
Blue is a trend for this spring. I found this color from watching YouTube videos, and sarahbelle93x obsessed with it! It's a really unique blue color, it has a slightly purple tint

10. Essence - Break Through
Bright colors.. love love love 'em! This one is a really bright purple, another one from the brand Essence. This is another one you'll need a white basecoat for because it's pretty sheer. :)

What are you're favorite spring polishes?

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