Thursday, August 9, 2012

Swatch & Review: Wet N Wild Color Icon Blushes

Hello everyone! I want to do more review posts now, so if there's anything in my collection you want a review on, let me know! Here's a link to a video where you can see all my makeup: click here. So without further ado, here is a review on Wet N Wild Color Icon Blushes. 

The packaging on these blushes are very big! The fact that they come with crappy brushes makes the packing so much bigger to make room for it. The brushes are flat angled brushes. They are not soft at all and are just really low quality and not good for applying blush. A beginner using these brushes could cause them to mess up applying these blushes as they are EXTREMELY pigmented.

Pearlescent Pink - Heather Silk
The colors are gorgeous. Pearlescent Pink is a color color with gold shimmer. It's a really pretty color and is so so pigmented. Heather Silk is a purpley toned pink and has shimmer. It's less than the other one, but there is still shimmer there. 

Heather Silk - Pearlescent Pink

You can see how pigmented these blushes are, it's AMAZING for drugstore quality. Heather Silk is a really nice color for fall and winter because of the purple tone. Pearlescent Pink is a fabulous color for spring and summer because it's brighter. Both colors have a lot of fallout, but with a light hand these are perfect. 

What do you think of these blushes?
xoxo, Kendra

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Swatch & Review: Maybelline Baby Lips

Hey everyone! So sorry for the lack of blog posts lately. I've really been working on uploading a lot of Youtube videos! I'm going to kick off August with a S&R post! I'll be reviewing the Maybelline Baby Lips lip balms. They are lip balms, and some of them are tinted. They all have a different smell/flavor and have SPF 20. They also claim to give your lips 8 hours of moisture. 

Grape Vine - Peppermint - Pink Punch
These are what the colors look like, Grape Vine looks like a really dark, intimidating color but it comes off on your lips very sheer and wearable. It's definitely purple, and definitely a fall and winter color. I personally love the smell; it's very atrificial but for some reason I love it! It's really a personal opinion thing because I've heard a lot of people who actually DON'T like the smell. Peppermint is just a clear lip balm.  There is a hint of peppermint in the smell, but it's mostly a sunscreen smell. I really don't like this one for that reason. Pink punch is a really great color except for the fact that it looks really fake. It has a great Barbie pink color payoff and smells again, like artificial pink punch.

Grape Vine - Peppermint - Pink Punch
I really like the packing on these. Maybelline always has great colorful packing to catch a shoppers eye. Each one has a different color combo for the packaging. I like that they are the kind with a giant lid like a lipstick. It makes them feel like much more than a lip balm. 

Grape Vine - Peppermint - Pink Punch
Here they are all swatched. Grape Vine is very sheer (left) making it a perfect wearable fall color. Peppermint of course is just clear, perfect for the people who go very natural with their makeup. Pink punch is the most pigmented and probably least wearable even though it is pink. It comes off on my lips with a lilac undertone and I think it's a great spring and summer color. 

Overall, I love these as lip colors but not as lip balms. I don't agree with Maybelline that they give 8 hours of moisture, they wear off very quickly and slide off your lips easily. They are about $4.00 at Ulta and Walgreens, and I think that is a good price if you pick a good color. I recommend both of the colored ones but not Peppermint. There are also more colors available that I do not own, there's another clear one, a red one, and a somewhat nude one. 

What do you think of these balms? Which one is your favorite?
xoxo, Kendra