Monday, April 16, 2012

Mascara 101

Finding the perfect mascara can be a challenge. Especially when looking high end, you don't want to buy a $20.00 mascara and have it be a bad one! So I'm going to give you my opinion on several mascaras I've tried, including one high end. *Also this is just my opinion and one of the mascaras might have worked for you and not me, and vice versa*

1. Maybelline Falsies (Curved wand)
This mascara is either loved or hated by a lot of people. I recently bought this is and was hoping for it to be a good one, but I don't really like it. The first thing is that the formula is dry and sticky, and I prefer wet mascaras. It also is VERY clumpy, but that can be fixed with an eyebrow/eyelash comb. I do like the volume and length it adds though if you can deal with the dryness and clumpiness. The next thing I have to say is that it is really hard to get off!! I usually just get it off with a makeup wipe like the rest of my makeup but I had to get out eye makeup remover.  The curved brush I feel like, didn't do anything for my lashes. Recommend: No

2. Maybelline Great Lash Lots of Lashes (Cone wand)
I actually like this one a lot! I'll start with what I don't like though- When I first bought this, the first 2 weeks were great. it was a wet, non clumpy formula which I lovedddd. As time went on it dried out very quickly! Now it's a dryer formula, not too dry though, and is clumpy. The brush is interesting, I feel like it didn't do anything for my lashes. It is still great for  lengthening!

3. Revlon Grow Luscious (Standard wand)
This was in my YouTube top 11 worst products of the year. First of all, the wand is bigger than my eye! Very easy to put in the wrong spot. It just didn't lengthen or volumize my lashes. It really just didn't do anything for my lashes. The packaging is nice on this one though and it stays wet for a long time! Had it for 2-3 months and it's wet-ish still!

4. Clinique Lash Doubling (Standard wand)
Here it is- best mascara I've EVER tried. I got this as a sample from my mom, (she gives me all her samples) and it didn't look like anything special at first. I love the wet formula and it also doesn't dry out fast! I've also had this one for 2-3 months and I still love it. I 100% plan on buying the full size and possibly getting more samples to review? It is VERY lengthening and doesn't clump at all! I highly recommend checking this out, it's $15.00 from

5. Maybelline Clear Mascara/Brow Gel (Standard wand)
You might think clear mascara does nothing for your lashes, and it does, just very subtly. It separates your lashes and slightly lengthens them. It won't volumize, but if you're not going for that it's fine. It's also good for younger girls who don't wear a lot of makeup or aren't allowed to. As for the grow gel part, it doesn't really work well for 'holding your brows in place'.

What is your must have mascara?
xoxo, Kendra

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