Sunday, April 29, 2012

How to get Softer Lips!

Hey everyone! I was just exfoliating my lips and decided to do a blog post on how I 'take care' of my lips. It's fairly simple!

1. Start off my exfoliating your lips. You could buy one from a store, such as Lush's bubblegum lip scrub. You could also make one at home using sugar and honey! To go even simpler, use an electric toothbrush. I personally use a toothbrush because it's easiest. Make sure you don't brush your lips for more than 30 seconds or it will only make your lips raw. This removes all the dead skin! I also found that it adds a lot of color to your lips, that you don't even need a lip color some days.

2. LIP BALM LIP BALM LIP BALM. I use three different ones after I exfoliate. They're Nivea Kiss of Smoothness, Baby Lips in Peppermint, and EOS Sweet Mint. Then I blend them all in with my clean finger.

That's it! But here's a few extra lip tips for you:

*DONT lick your lips if they're chapped. It may feel better for a minute, but it will make it worse in the end.
*Drink plenty of water!
*Get a lip balm with SPF to prevent sunburned lips!

What are your lip tips?
xoxo, Kendra

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