Friday, April 27, 2012

OOTW: April 23-27

Hi everyone! I decided to start doing Oufit of the Week sometimes, so here's my first one! 
 The first day I wore a T shirt (which I covered up personal info) and some dark wash denim capris. I also wore sandals and these two cheap plastic bead necklaces (one black and one white). My nails had little flowers on them in different colors. 
 On Tuesday, I wore a neon yellow shirt from VS Pink, which is a loose fitting crewneck, and some jeans. The belt is from old navy and I wore black TOMS. My hair was part curled, by that I mean some of the top sections were curled and the rest was left all naturalll.
 Wednesday was my lazy day and I wore a sweatshirt (which I covered up info on) and some Arizona skinny jeans tucked into chestnut colored Uggs. For hair, it was left straightened. 
 On Thursday I wore a blue tank top from Old Navy with a long white cardigan my mom made. I tied together with a belt from Kohls. I wore jeans again with Uggs and my hair was second day straight with a baby pouf. 
Today (Friday) I wore a blue/white Love Pink crop top with a white tank underneath. I wore jeans and blue crochet TOMS. My nails were painted a gorgeous pink, and my bracelets were just various blue and silver bracelets with a rusty silver rose ring from Forever 21

What did you wear this week?
xoxo, Kendra


  1. I really liked your last outfit! =)

    1. thank you! and thank you for commenting :) i love gettings comments!