Saturday, May 19, 2012

7 Different Summer Eye Looks & Video Preview!

Hey everyone! I'm going to film a video entry for SparklieBarbieXO's contest soon! I was playing around with some ideas and decided to do a look for every day of the week! The problem is, the video has to be under THREE MINUTES. I'm going to show you the seven looks and your job is to comment them in order that you like them, so in case I can't fit them all in one video, I can use your favorites and hope they're Kacey's favorites too. Here we go! None of the looks I'm showing have the full eyeliner and mascara affect, so I'm going to list it the descriptions.

This look I call 'Sunset Skyline'. It has light yellow and gold on the lid with orangey colors and pink in the crease. I would do black eyeliner on my upper lash line and white eyeliner on my waterline with black mascara. This one was inspired by sunsets!

I named this look "Deep Ocean Waves' because it has deep colors that are blue like the ocean. My lids have a light blue and my crease is a blend of tons of different blues and purples. I also took the crease colors to my lower lash line. I would add black eyeliner on my upper lash line and waterline, with mascara. This look was inspired by the ocean of course!

This look is called 'Bronze Goddess'. It is a  wash of shimmery shadows. The lid includes gold with light yellow to emphasize the center of my lid, and bronze and browns in my crease. I would do brown shimmery eyeliner on my upper lashline and waterline with mascara!!!

This one is called 'Poolside Blues'. The color of pool water always seems to be bright blue, so I used a Tiffany blue on my lid and crease lightly blended all the way to my browbone. I highlighted the center of my lid with white. I would line my lashline with black and waterline with black.

This one is inspired by 'Pink Lemonade'. This one is an inverted eye look, meaning it's backwards. the darkest color is on my inner corner and the lightest is on the outside! It's an ombre look, which is on trend and the whole thing is lightly blended with mascara and white eyeliner on my waterline.

This one has to be my favorite. It's called 'Fresh Cut Grass' and it's an ombre eyeliner look, which is again. on trend. The lightest green is on my inner corner of my lash lines, and it gets darker as you go out. I only used shadow on my upper and lower lashlines, not on my lid! No eyeliner for this, just mascara!

Sorry for weird lighting in this one, but it's called 'Natural Summer Glow' All I used was clear mascara. That's IT! You can't always wear makeup, let your natural beauty show and summer is the perfect time to do it.

So I want you to comment the names of these looks in the order you like them in the comments!
What are your favorites?
xoxo, Kendra

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  1. 1. Sunset Skyline
    2. Fresh Cut Grass
    3. Bronze Goddess
    4. Natural Summer Glow