Friday, May 4, 2012

Project Pan!

I'm 13. And I have a lot of makeup.

Yes, I've realized I need to actually use some of this makeup before I buy more than I'll ever use, so I'm starting project pan! This is project 20 pan for me, but I'm not just doing makeup, so I'll get into it!

Project pan is when you stop buying makeup until you use up x amount of makeup (or in my case, other products). Project pan is to learn to use what you have and to not waste your money, because let's get honest, some of this is never going to be used up.

10 makeup products
5 Bath and Body Works products
2 Skincare products
2 Nail polishes
1 Hair care product

Since makeup is the mainly what project pan is about, I am using mostly makeup products. I'm also a B&BW HOARDER I have an insanely excessive amount, so I really need to use some! (Comment if you want a B&BW collection!) My mom has also commented on how many skincare products I have, so why not add 2 of them to my goal? I also hoard nail polish, but nail polish I find is like impossible to use up! So I'm only adding 2 to my list, even though I have about 100. And last, I don't have many haircare products, but some that I don't use a lot and are just taking up space. So just one of those are on my list, and that's it! My goal is to complete this by summer (mid June for me), just in time to buy summer products once I'm finished!

I hope you join project pan with me!
xoxo, Kendra

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