Friday, July 20, 2012


OMG. Ahh I'm so excited I FINALLY got the Urban Decay Naked Palette! The original, not Naked 2.  So This post is going to be on my first impression! :)

The reason I chose the original over Naked 2 is mostly because of the packaging, honestly. I'm a sucker for packaging. It also includes more of their famous colors and since I've never had UD products, this was the best choice. It also included a mini Primer Potion which I was dying to try!

 The packaging is so nice, simple, and sleek. I love that it's velvety and closes magnetically. I don't like that the mirror is smaller than Naked 2, but I'll deal obviously. I also love the brush that comes with it because it's really dense and good for packing on color.

Virgin - Sin - Naked - Sidecar - Buck - Half Baked

Smog - Darkhorse - Toasted - Hustle - Creep - Gunmetal 

Half Baked - Buck - Sidecar - Naked - Sin - Virgin
Half baked is a really great shimmery gold that I am absolutely in love with! Buck is another one of my favorites because it's a nice medium matte brown. Sidecar is a great lid color that's glittery, I wore it already and there's a lot of fallout with the glitter. Naked is a skin tone matte color, that is either not pigmented at all, or perfect for my skin tone, because I can't see it. So that is one thing I don't like, that I can't see it. Sin is another gorgeous lid color but it could also work as a shimmery highlight. Virgin is a beautiful highlight color! For such a light shade, it's extremely pigmented and great for highlighting. 

Gunmetal - Creep - Hustle - Toasted - Darkhorse - Smog
Gunmetal is a really dark, smokey bluey-silver color with shimmer. Creep is another dark smokey and shimmery gray color. Hustle is a really nice shimmery brown perfect for a dark look or for crease colors. Toasted is a pinky champagne color again, a perfect crease color. Darkhorse is very very dark! Great for smokey looks and night looks. Last, is smog. It's a really nice everyday crease color.

So now some naked tutorials will be up on my channel soon! Comment down below a look i should create or colors I should use!
xoxo, Kendra

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